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More Disabled Artists to Watch

As we mentioned last week, disabled artists are doing an incredible work, but not always with the support they deserve. There are so many forms of art that we can all relate to; art brings us together.

These are just two of many disabled artists creating works we should know of, as

well as living with disabilities we should know about.

So, in honor of #disabilitypridemonth, we at A Squared are so excited to support and uplift some incredible disabled artists. We'll be holding a few giveaways, shedding some light on INCREDIBLE works, and featuring some awesome disabled artists.

Like Kahlo and Van Gogh, Kati Barrett (@baroque.grunge on Instagram) from Eureka, California has a unique and charismatic style. Kati is an artist, social worker, and master of mixed media. Outside of working on her art, she also has three adorable cats. Kati's Instagram showcases mixed media of all sorts as well as elements of her personal life; her wonderful furballs, plants, and even some tasty foods. Kati's Instagram is a real treat- creativity breathes through each post, while Kati gives a real glimpse into her everyday life. Kati's etsy shop features digital collages, mixed media collages, and even journaling grab bags!

The image on this page is one of Kati's masterpieces- a mixed media college titled "Rise Again." Working with Kati, we've commissioned a piece that we will be giving away next week from our Instagram- make sure to follow us to enter!

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