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We Did a Thing!

After years of talking, dreaming, and yearning for accessible spaces- we're doing it, folks.

I want to clarify "we." First and foremost, Rob has been an incredible piece of this. From day one, he's believed in this organization, it's mission, and me. I couldn't be more grateful.

The music education community has trusted me and valued my words, enough for me to not only be confident in my skillset, but be comfortable BECAUSE of the way my brain works, not in spite of it.

My tribe- those of you here reading this- you are the "we." You are the people who are going to take A Squared and run with it, make sure that our mission is heard near and far. I cannot thank you enough.

I'll just leave you with our mission: A Squared Arts believes the arts are an integral piece of life. A Squared Art's Mission is to bring accessible, adaptive arts to meet the needs and challenges of performers, creators, and artists everywhere.

Let's make space for everyone.


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