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Taking a Look at the 3 P Model

A large part of what we aim to do at A Squared Arts is training, coaching, and of course, art. While we know that anagrams and "keywords" are helpful in the short term, our goal is to leave a lasting impression.

The 3 P model was created with longevity in mind, not as a hot topic or checklist, but as a mindset. 3 P is designed to ensure that the focus on accessibility is individualized and meaningful for everyone. First, we have to look at the people: ALL people involved. What are their needs? What challenges lie ahead? Then, we can determine if the challenge is a piece of the process or the product. The 3P model is not a one-and-done stop for DEI. It's a commitment to flexibility, adaptability, and accessibility for every individual in every space of your organization.

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